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Welcome To was founded in 2008 and was one of the first Reputation Management companies to offer Negative Link Suppression. As a matter of fact we wrote the actual textbook that has given rise to the entire industry – How to Fight Google and Win (Raegan Publishing).

We were the first Reputation Management Company to cause Google to change its Algorithm in 2010 in order to slow the precision placement of the website we wanted at the top of their search engine.

Our philosophy is the same today as it was when we first published our website “Whatever it takes to protect our clients from the internet, we must protect them.”

The fact that you have visited our site today tells me that someone has either attack you or your business, and we know how that feels. Like you we have also experienced the frustration of having a competitor post lies and insidious content about us on the internet in an attempt to lure customers away from our company. This is the reason we move with intense urgency when you partner with us to protect your online reputation, because we know how it feels to get attacked.

When it comes to removing a negative link from Google our first strategy always requires a diplomatic approach to the site owner, if were not we’re not successful with diplomacy, then we break out the ground troops. We have invented a publishing army that Google or any other search engine cannot resist, and our troops always secure the victory for our clients.

When you hire us you’re partnering with a firm that believes in 100% accountability, and honesty. We never pass the buck or pass you off to the next rep, and we always give you the un-cut truth regarding our deliverables. We work for on you on and off the internet, therefore you will always have a direct contact person to assist with any and all questions.

At we truly believe that your name is your brand, and we will do whatever it takes to protect your online reputation, that remains our guarantee.  

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