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THE BAD NEWS is a Revenge Website designed to humiliate ex-lovers with salacious one-sided accounts of relationships, that ended on a sour note.  If you are reading this then chances are your ex has used as a weapon to destroy your online reputation, and invade your privacy.

How were they able to post lies about you on the internet?

Revenge Websites like are not obligated to confirm the information posted by your jilted spouse, nor do they care if the information is accurate. BlacklistReport.comis protected by The Communications Decency Act of 1996 against any and all legal actions resulting from defamation. If you think the link in Google will simply go away or expire then you’re wrong! will remain in Google, Yahoo, and Bing unless you take action to have it removed.


We Can Remove - We Are

The good news is your ex-lover is not entitled to the first page of your search results, therefore you have the RIGHT to aggressively protect your online reputation.

If someone has posted lies about you on a CHEATER WEBSITE like we can help you. Hire  today and we will fight on your behalf to force to delete the lies in Google within 24 hours. The slanderous link that is attempting to destroy your reputation will VANISH from your search results – gone without a trace by this same time tomorrow – we GUARANTEE it.


STEP 1 - We will delete the entire page containing salacious lies about you on within 24 hours. You can confirm the removal have been completed by simply clicking the link once we send you a removal confirmation alert.

STEP 2 – We  delete the link you currently see from Google Yahoo and Bing.

STEP 3 – We will monitor your name FREE for ONE YEAR and alert you should your attacker launch another smear campaign against you.  

No one has the right to the first page of your search results, and when you hire us we will relentlessly defend your reputation. At we believe that your name is your Brand, therefore you have every right to protect your Brand. Our promise to you is when someone casually searches your name - they will not  find a link to or your Money Back.
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We reserve the right to refuse service for any reputation management services or website suppression. All payments are processed using a secure payment system. will we never sell information to a third party as specified in our Privacy Policy.

We are not affiliated with any third party websites. We offer a 100% money back guarantee if we have failed to accomplish the objectives outlined in your New Client Agreement contract. Refunds are processed within 5 days of refund noticication. For more information on our refund policy CLICK HERE!

This service is offered as a mediation (alternative dispute resolution) to remove or delete negative content out of search results. All Rights Reserved. 10/22/2009
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