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Have You Been Attacked On BadBoyReport.Kr?

If someone has posted lies about you on cheater sites like The BadBoyReport.kr and Cheaterville we can help you. We can have these links deleted from Google within 5 Days. This link will no longer be the first thing visible when your name is searched - we guarantee it.

What makes Bad Boy Report so damaging is because it’s used like a weapon by jilted lovers who take to the site to post horrific lies about you, without first fact checking the posts. The site does not take the time to confirm any of this information or provide a removal option, which means the links from the slanderous site  will index in Google and remain there permanently.

The site owners at Bad Boy Report will not even reply to the many of the victims who have landed on their website, which makes this situation even more damaging and frustrating.

No one has the right to the first page of your search results, and when you hire us we will relentlessly defend your privacy. Our promise to you is when someone casually searches your name - they will not  find a link to The Bad Boy Report or your Money Back.
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We reserve the right to refuse service for any reputation management services or website suppression. All payments are processed using a secure payment system. RemoveSlander.com will we never sell information to a third party as specified in our Privacy Policy.

We are not affiliated with any third party websites. We offer a 100% money back guarantee if we have failed to accomplish the objectives outlined in your New Client Agreement contract. Refunds are processed within 5 days of refund noticication. For more information on our refund policy CLICK HERE!

This service is offered as a mediation (alternative dispute resolution) to remove or delete negative content out of search results. RemoveSlander.com. All Rights Reserved. 10/22/2009
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