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If it another mugshot website grabs your photo then its our problem not yours.
Protective Custody Membership
Remove Protective Custody Membership (PCM) Only applies to one arrest - if you have been arrested more than one time then please call for quote. If you get re-arrested after you sign up the is not obligated to remove mugshots associated with that arrest - this also includes probation violations. If your mugshot lands on website that refuses to remove your information then you agree to allow us to bury that site in lower pages of Google. makes no claim that we can prevent a mugshot website from appearing. Mugshot photos originate from the arresting Police department; therefore we cannot prevent the redistribution of your public domain mugshots, we can only take down the third party mugshot link ONCE IT HAS BEEN PUBLISHED. Please search your name in Google with the word "arrests" for any of the mugshot websites mentioned before signing up. 2015 All Rights Reserved.
Introducing our most Secured Protection Plan ever offered! Protective Custody Membership (PCM)

The mugshot website industry is not going away any time soon, but with our (PCM) plan, you can rest knowing that your future mugshots postings will get deleted from the internet.

Our Protective Custody Membership was designed to put an end to clients constantly paying individual mugshot websites every time they discovered a new mugshot photo posted in Google. Our members have the assurance of knowing that the Removal Team at Remove is always on guard and searching for recently posted mugshots photo to zap off the internet.

Our Protective Custody Membership covers an unlimited amount of mugshot removals for 12 months. No matter if you appear on ONE mugshot site or TEN, our PCM program will cover the removals guaranteed.

Membership Features

  • One flat rate of $3495 to remove all additional mugshot photos posted.

  • Monthly consultation to discuss the removal action plan for any newly discovered mugshot websites.

  • No long term commitment – this membership is on a month to month basis.

  • If you appear on a mugshot website that we cannot take down immediately (see terms of service for list of sites) then you nothing more until the site has been deleted.

  • Monthly reports of all mugshot websites sites we removed during the course of the month.

  • A direct phone number and email contact assigned to your file in case you discover a new mugshot website entry before we do.

  • Your introductory membership rate is locked in and protected from any future membership rate increases.

  • Expensive mugshot websites like, Mugshot Locator, and are also covered under you membership plan.

  • Your membership also covers mugshots removals in other search engines like Yahoo, Bing, 123 People, Yahoo Images, Google Images, and

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